Agar Scientific offer various models of knifemaker for high quality glass knife production. For triangular ‘Latta-Hartman’ glass knifes a compact and portable glass knifemaker for producing knives up to 12mm wide is available. Sophisticated load sensors and micrometer positioners offer controlled, consistent breaks for optimum knife edges. An alternative model in the GKM glass knifemaker series is specifically designed to incorporate the ‘balanced break’ and slow break method for cryosectioning applications. The position of the glass is precisely controlled by two micrometers, to ensure equal lengths of glass on either side of the score. The load applied to the glass is controlled through the constant feedback displayed on the digital readout. A range of ultramicrotome glass from 6 to 12mm is available from Agar Scientific. Combine with a Multiplate as an ideal accessory for preparing boats on triangular glass knives.

The Ralph knifemaker produces knifes suitable for sectioning larger ‘histology type’ specimens embedded in resin. They have been designed to be easy to use, giving consistent and reproducible results. The knife maker is available in two sizes for the production of 25 and 38mm glass knife edges.