Diamond knives are manufactured from high purity, gem quality diamonds as an alternative to metal and glass knives, providing a sharp, durable edge for sectioning applications in biological and materials sciences. The robust cutting edge is particularly suited for use in ultramicrotomy to prepare ultrathin sections for TEM studies. Diamond cryosectioning knives are available for a wide range of low temperature applications. Diamond histo knives have been designed to section both hard and soft embedded specimens for optical microscopy studies of biological and industrial materials, and have become an essential tool in many biological and medical investigations.

We offer DiATOME  products.

DiATOME diamond knives are well known, have proven reliability and are made from the highest possible gem quality stones. Since 1970, the Company has developed and manufactured diamond knives which have been used successfully for a wide range of room and low temperature sectioning applications. Each knife is subject to extensive inspection and testing before delivery.