KTR Series Chiller, 0.5kW

A compact 480W Cooling Capacity Chiller.

KTR Chiller, low pressure pump, 208-230V 50/60Hz

KTR Chiller, 2 litre high pressure pump, 208-230V 50/60Hz

KTR Chiller, 3.5 litre high pressure pump, 208-230V 50/60Hz

The KTR series of compact Chillers has a 480W Cooling Capacity and are perfect for use in the laboratory. The small footprint and almost silent operation makes them ideal for use where space is an issue. They are available with three different pump options; low pressure, 2 litre high pressure and 3.5 litre high pressure, offering three alternative flow rates. Further accessories and options are available to appreciably extend the functionality and applications of these chillers.

Key Features

  • Ultra-compact design
  • 480W Cooling Capacity (@17°C set point)
  • Fixed temperature operation, factory set at 10°C (20°C ambient)
  • Temperature stability ±0.2˚C
  • Adjustable temperature alarms
  • Plug in and use – no customer settings
  • Low cost of purchase and operation
  • Ideal for OEM Applications
  • 100% water savings
  • No sewage-waste costs
  • Power efficient
  • Portable and quiet operation
  • Wide choice of options and accessories
  • Built to ISO 9002 CE Standards

Dimensions: 330mm x 315mm x 515mm (LxWxH)