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Zapotec Scientific Solutions Pvt Ltd

The team Zapotec is a group of enthusiasts who are geared up for a better tomorrow! Let us see how Zapotec got its name! It came from an ancient American civilization that flourished in the Valley of Oaxaca in Mesoamerica. The Civilization of Zapotec comprised of middle American Indian population living in eastern and southern Mexico. This Civilization showed a high level of sophistication in architecture, the arts, writing and engineering projects.

Our team at Zapotec scientific solution is inspired by the extra ordinary technical skills of the Zapotec civilization. We are determined to provide complete peace of mind to our customers by providing them one stop solutions for their instrumentation needs, backed up by supply of accessories and consumables with application support.

Vision of Zapotec is based on PCR


Potential to grow


Calibre to Outperform


Resource optimization to make the difference

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May it be a bio science or non-bio science, we provide instruments and support with service & accessories and consumables application support.

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