Soft Tissue Microslicers - DTK-1000N

Soft Tissue Microslicer with a unique design for the vibratory motion of the cutting blade.

A recently re-engineered Microslicer with a unique design of vibratory motion of the cutting blade. It has been carefully designed to cut sections of extremely soft tissues such as brain, liver and similar material which can prove to be very difficult to section.

The DTK-1000N (AGB4531N) is the basic model for manual operation.

All systems have a bath with a simple but effective drain. The specimen tray allows for reduced use of solutions and cooling around it.

Also see the companion DTK-Zero1N (AGB4532N) which has reduced Z-axis movement of the head for superior cutting quality and includes motorised specimen movement and the useful retraction mode.

Blade vibration
Vibration width
2mm (fixed)
Forward speed
Back speed
Vertical movement
10mm (manual operation)
Area of sectioning
Overall dimensions (W x D x H)
300 x 500 x 300mm
100/120/220/240V 1A 50/60Hz