Combined Coater System

The Agar Scientific Combined Coater System is a special bundle which includes both the Manual Sputter Coater and the Automatic Carbon Coater for coating both carbon and precious metals.

The Agar Scientific Combined Coater System offer gives you all the necessary equipment and accessories in one bundle. The package includes the following products:

Manual sputter coater AGB7340, including:

  • Mag netron sputtering head
  • Wrap-around dark-space shield
  • Gold target 57mm dia x 0.1mm thick
  • Selectable power levels
  • Pyrex chamber 120 x 120mm with O-ring seals
  • Fixed height cathode
  • Manual control with adjustable Argon leak valve
  • Electronic timer, 5 - 300 seconds with pause
  • Vacuum (atm - 0.001mb) and current (0 - 50mA) metering
  • Manually operated chamber vent
  • Feedthrough for quartz thickness monitor
  • Adjustable height specimen table for 12 SEM ½” stubs

Dedicated Automatic Carbon Coater for coating SEM and microprobe samples, AGB7367:

  • Evaporation by carbon rod source with automatic/manual or pulsed modes.
  • Vacuum and current metering.
  • Pyrex chamber 120 x 120mm with O-ring seals 
  • Adjustable height specimen table 
  • Electronic timer 
  • Feedthrough for quartz thickness monitor

Dual pumping system, AGB7736 for 2 coating units with change over valve, comprising:

  • Desk top high speed pumping system including:
  • Direct drive double stage rotary pump complete with 
  • Desk top base anti-vibration table
  • All metal coupling system including stainless bellows 
  • Isolator and exhaust oil mist filter

Options are available to further enhance the system:

Film thickness monitor:

  • Film thickness monitor, AGB7348
  • Film Thickness Monitor Upgrade Kit, AGB7386 for use with 2 coating units
  • Crystals (Pack of 10), AGB7732

Rotary Tilting Stage, AGB7365:

  • 120mm diameter vacuum chamber, fully compatible with the Agar Scientific Automatic Sputter Coater and the Agar Scientific Manual Sputter Coater 
  • Supplied with a short glass cylinder (120 dia. x 44mm H) to replace the standard chamber, the overall height of the Rotary Stage plus the short glass cylinder remains the same at 120mm. The rotation speed is variable in five steps from 0-120rpm and is controlled by a multi-position rotary switch. By rotating the external body the tilting angle is variable from 0-90° in both directions. The tilting angle can either be locked or varied during deposition.